Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Day in the Life

What a fun day! I have lots to do tonight, so I'll give you some quick highlights:

  • Gabe woke up with his first tooth!
  • It was 55 degrees outside and SUNNY!
  • We played outside with our neighbors for several hours.
  • Ladan rode his stick horse around the yard.
  • Ladan practiced his field goal kicking skills with the football. He likes for us to hold the ball up on its end so he can kick it. Since he watched Facing the Giants, he's been doing this most every day.
  • Ladan shoved mud into his right nostril. I didn't know it until we came inside. It took him about 6 noseblowings to get it out. I would have been shocked if he had made it to the age of three without shoving something up his nose!
  • We went to church for a potluck and prayer service.
  • Ladan ate all his food and asked for more!
  • Our new neighbors stopped by after they went for an interview. They are SO MUCH FUN! What a blessing to have them on the other side of the wall!
  • Chet said "Hasta luego" to Ladan. Ladan responded, "Pasta LaLego!" as if he was repeating Chet's words with precise accuracy.